Cherry Chocolate


things we like to eat and drink

Plated Desserts

cake and shake     10
3-layer choc cake ∙ madagascar chocolate frosting ∙ vanilla or choc milk shake or malt

milk and cookies     8
baked to order: choc chip ∙ oatmeal raisin ∙ peanut butter bullseye ∙ snickerdoodle ∙ ice cold milk

faux foster banana imposter 2.0     9
brioche bread pudding  "foster" sauce  banana i.c.  baby bananas  white chocolate

crème brulee  8
caramelized vanilla bean custard ∙ fresh berries ∙ almond orange caramel biscotti

molten cake thingy everybody has…(but ours is gluten free)  10
madagascar 64% choc. ∙ peanut butter i.c. ∙ peanut nib crumble ∙ chocolate sauce ∙ vanilla chantilly

bag "o" donuts  8
10 cinnamon sugar donuts ∙ vanilla sauce ∙ chocolate sauce ∙ caramel sauce

b.y.o.s. (build your own sundae!)  10
3 scoops i.c. ∙ brownie bites ∙ caramelized banana∙ schprinkles ∙ chocolate sauce∙ chantilly

sorbet sampl-ah  7
choice of 3 house made sorbets∙ accoutrements 

tasting of citrus 9
citrus thyme pound cake ∙ meyer lemon curd ∙ tuile∙ citrus salad ∙ white chocolate cremeaux ∙ creamsicle i.c.

"something sweet"  10
chef's selection of assorted confections

espresso soufflé (available after 5pm) 13
espresso soufflé ∙ bailey's anglaise∙ vanilla powdered sugar "beignets"∙ bailey's i.c.

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