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Shhh! Secret menu items at Denver restaurants revealed: By Lori Midson - Aug. 22, 2011

Steuben's does it; Jensen Cummings, the executive chef at Row 14 Bistro & Wine Bar has plans to do it; and Keegan Gerhard, the chef/pastry king at D Bar Desserts has been quietly doing it for months.
What, exactly, is it that we're talking about?

Unlisted, unmentioned, and unknown dishes that you'll never see... READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

100 Favorite Dishes: Crue fries from D Bar Desserts: By Lori Midson - June 2, 2011

No. 62: Crue fries from D Bar Desserts

Keegan Gerhard, Denver's confectionaire extraordinaire, is renowned for his sensational sugar sensations, which he, along with his wife, Lisa Bailey, deliver in abundance at D Bar Desserts, their groovy bake shop in Uptown. But while Gerhard has always had the whole baking thing down pat -- his sugar shack pimps cookies, cakes, cupcakes, shakes, doughnuts and ice cream sandwiches, among other guilt trips -- it's his savory creations that are suddenly attracting long lines of devotees, and you can count us... READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Westword Best Dessert With a Show - 2010: D Bar Desserts

You would think that D Bar Desserts, the dessert bar that Food Network star Keegan Gerhard and his wife, Lisa Bailey, brought to Denver almost two years ago, offers enough of a sugar rush just with the incredible desserts and other goodies on offer; the crowds that pack this little joint... READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

D Bar Desserts owner and Food Network Challenge host Keegan Gerhard switches roles: By Lori Midson - April 13, 2010

Earlier today, when I got Keegan Gerhard, owner of D Bar Desserts and longtime host of Food Network Challenge, on the horn, he was driving through a jungle in Puerto Rico on his way to Saborea, Puerto Rico's annual culinary extravaganza.

He was there with several other Food Network celebrities, including Claire Robinson, the current host of 5 Ingredient Fix, a Food Network series featuring recipes made with five ingredients or fewer, and now the host of Challenge, a post Gerhard... READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Westword Best Desserts - 2009: D Bar Desserts

D Bar Desserts is a dessert bar, but it's also an excellent snack bar, with a cool little menu simply called "Things We Like to Eat" offering such delicious diversions as dressed avocado and dates and bacon. After working your way through this menu (and maybe a glass of wine or two), you'll definitely want something sweet to finish off the night. Something from... READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Tonight: The Denver Five dish it out at D Bar Desserts: By Lori Midson - Aug. 11, 2009

The Denver Five, a platoon of five local chefs who cooked together earlier this year at the James Beard House in New York City, and then decided that they'd like to cook with one another -- yet again -- in each other's hometown restaurant kitchens, gathered at Lola two weeks ago for the first in a series of five dinners to cook, says Lola chef Jamey Fader, "for the cause of getting Denver's rich culinary prowess out there to people in Colorado and national onlookers alike."  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

**What Started It All** - D Bar Desserts: By Jason Sheehan - July 31, 2008

The first time I saw Keegan Gerhard, it was on TV. That was also the second place I saw him. And the tenth, fiftieth and hundredth.

Given Gerhard's ubiquitous star status, there was a time — like, right up until last week, maybe — when a man (like me) could've been forgiven for thinking that Gerhard, with his booming laugh and big smile, his perfect white movie-star teeth, nerd glasses and non-threatening hair, was solely responsible for propping up the Food Network. Through the weird hours — early evenings when normal people were eating dinner and not watching someone else make dinner on TV, and late at night — Gerhard was always on hand, hosting Food Network Challenge, lending his mug to virtually anything having to do with pastry. Wedding cakes? On duty. Chocolate challenge? Yup. Anytime anyone in the world was trying to win ten thousand dollars by sculpting a Disney princess castle out of white cake and fondant or making an oompa-loompa out of pulled sugar, Gerhard was there, urging them on to greater feats of confectionery weirdness, holding that microphone like he was born with it in his hand.  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Belly Up to the Bar: By Patricia Calhoun - May 24, 2008

Celebrity-starved Denver has a new star -- and he didn't arrive empty-handed.

Pastry chef and Food Network personality Keegan Gerhard and his wife, Lisa Bailey, moved to Denver earlier this year, and today they'll unveil D Bar Desserts, their jewel-box of a bakery/dessert bar at 1475 East 17th Avenue, right next to Strings.  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

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